Trump May Win 2020

Trump May Win 2020 is a groundbreaking book, demonstrating the technical mechanics of President Trump’s appeal. The book breaks down several of the effective strategies taught to Trump by a world-renowned NLP Practitioner. This book reveals how Trump swayed the electoral vote and came into power. A fascinating read for those interested in politics and the psychology behind captivating and infiltrating the minds of the American audience.

“Trump never wanted to be president. It was just a publicity stunt.”

Howard Stern, 2019

Book Cover


Testimonial 1

“This book changed the way I viewed Donald Trump.”

Jacob P.

Testimonial 2

“Brackman outlines the NLP techniques in a way that makes sense. Hypnosis? Persuasion? Anyway you look at it, it’s happening.”

Parker and Lisa B.

Testimonial 3

“A fresh take on Trump’s appeal. I have to say, it makes sense now. The techniques are genius.”

Lucy T.