Michael Brackman


Trump May Win 2020 is Michael Brackman’s debut book. Michael Brackman has been an avid student of psychology, sociology, and subjects concerning human behavior and potential since the age of 15. He has a keen passion for quantum physics because he sees humans as a tiny microcosm of the macrocosm. As an adult, he continued his studies into the human condition with shamans and yogis in hopes of finding answers to the questions that lingered in his curious mind. It was later in his adult years that he met his powerful teacher Thomas.While studying with Thomas, he learned that one effective and fast method of altering behaviors or habits is using the tools of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming. He positioned himself to learn from many great masters in the field, including Thomas himself. Thomas’ first workshop changed the trajectory of Michael’s life. He returned to help others in the process of overcoming negative lifelong habits. There is a great love and sense of loyalty to Thomas and his team.

Michael then went on to obtain a Master’s certification in Ericksonian Hypnosis and Neurolinguistic Programming. Michael’s passion was born of a deep desire to change himself and erase past pain. It is often said, “Out of the pain comes the muse!”

Michael Brackman has been writing for over three decades, he is active, loves family time, traveling around the world, and has a deep passion for karate.